Smart hardware + smart networks = smart server hosting

Redundant. Reliable

Unlike most “budget” or low-end dedicated servers, HP ProLiant® servers provided by RedArray come standard with:

  • Redundant PSU (Power)
  • Redundant NIC (Uplink)
  • Hardware RAID (Disks)

These benefits are intangible until a component fails – at which point the server will continue operating as normal as the component is hot-swapped and brought back to full redundancy.

Connected. Fast.

Reliable hardware is a huge benefit, but it won’t do much without unrestricted network access required for high-speed and transfer-intensive applications.

RedArray can provide up to 10Gbps unmetered data transfer in multiple data centers, connected via first-tier providers like:

  • Level3
  • TeliaSonera
  • Hurricane Electric
  • Deutsche Telekom

Unlimited options!

RedArray’s dedicated server hosting platform is designed to accommodate modular expansion. Whether your main requirement is processing, storage, or bandwidth, RedArray can provide a foundation on which to expand globally.

Take advantage of these benefits and premium dedicated server features today!

Linux Servers 

Windows Servers
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