Integrated remote KVM management.

Each linux dedicated server is deployed with a remote management interface, which can be accessed at any time to manage the server’s power options and physical keyboard/mouse. Because the KVM interface is hosted separately from the server, and connected with a direct line, it can be accessed as a “rescue console” even when the server is offline or powered down.

Advanced features include remote media mounting, server hardware health monitoring, BIOS and hardware configuration, and mobile KVM access via the HP iLO® mobile app.

High-speed 1Gbps link + 20TB bandwidth per server.

Upgrading from RedArray’s base server models is not necessary to utilize a fully capable system. Smart upgrades provisioned free unmetered 250Mbps or unmetered 1Gbps bandwidth.

Link speed and data transfer are private and reserved, not shared between servers.


Top-of-the-line HP ProLiant® Hardware.

RedArray’s server hosting platform utilizes cutting edge server technology from HP, including ProLiant® servers, Smart Array® RAID controllers, and certified ECC RAM. A majority of servers are delivered fully redundant, with both redundant power and redundant network units. With the addition of HP’s iLO® remote management interface, accessible via Web or mobile device, ProLiant® servers represent a complete solution for projects requiring hosted infrastructure.

The luxury of internationally renowned data centers.

Servers are only half the story. RedArray’s worldwide network is designed to provide the best possible latency, peering, and connectivity in all aspects to services and end-users around the world.

Dedicated servers located at some of the world’s top data centers, including Equinix IBX® data centers in Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C., and Frankfurt; Telehouse in London, UK; and NAP of the Americas® in Miami, afford myriad possibilities for international colocation.


Choice of Linux server distribution.

RedArray’s Linux dedicated servers are compatible with all operating systems, including free and enterprise Linux distributions like CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

To request a free installation of your choice OS, choose a server model to configure and select the OS during the configuration process.

Choice of Windows Server version.

RedArray’s Windows® dedicated servers are compatible with all operating systems, including all editions of Windows® Server 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2019. Add-on and additional licensed server software is available upon request.

To request a free installation of your choice Windows® OS, choose a server model to configure and select the OS during the configuration process.


Around-the-clock support, standing by.

Rely on prompt and courteous service for all support requests. RedArray’s 24/7 helpdesk can accommodate requests ranging from general inquiries and billing adjustments, to advanced issue resolution and emergency hardware replacement.

Our dedicated server hosting Service Guarantees summarize the promises and guarantees that we wish to provide to our clients.


Your server, your settings.

Linux servers hosted by RedArray are given guaranteed privacy, in addition to guaranteed hardware and network resources. Your hardware will be yours alone, and may be utilized however you deem appropriate (Terms apply). Each linux server’s remote management interface, network uplink, bandwidth, and other features are dedicated and reserved.


Linux Servers 

Windows Servers
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