About RedArray

RedArray began with the goal of transforming dedicated server hosting into smart server hosting. We aim to enable end-users to fully utilize dedicated infrastructure hosting, which we make possible with the assistance of cutting-edge technology from hardware and software vendors like HP, Intel, Microsoft, and Cisco.

RedArray approaches the existing hosted services market with the goal of bringing high quality dedicated hosting solutions and enterprise-class hardware within price range of small businesses and individuals. RedArray’s service offering presents a complete solution encompassing hardware, data center colocation, network connectivity, and technical support, managed as a single month-to-month service.

At the core of RedArray’s server hosting platform are “smart” features provided to customers with each dedicated server, including secure KVM access via web panel, 20TB transfer and default 1Gbps link per server to network. We support both Linux servers and Windows servers configured for a wide range of applications.

Streamlining infrastructure hosting and deployment is a primary goal of our platform, which allows customers to outfit dedicated servers for any application, from basic to large-scale needs, using a web interface. Dedicated servers and other physical infrastructure can be automatically queued for deployment in six worldwide data centers.

As an infrastructure hosting provider, RedArray’s highest calling is to innovate and become recognized in these areas. RedArray is a private IT firm based in the United States.

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