Managed Servers

 Around-the-clock support, standing by.

Rely on prompt and courteous service for all support requests. RedArray’s 24/7 helpdesk can accommodate requests ranging from general inquiries and billing adjustments, to advanced issue resolution and emergency hardware replacement.

Our managed server hosting Service Guarantees summarize the promises and guarantees that we wish to provide to our clients.



Managed OS and supported software updates.

Make use of support from day 1. We can help with OS installation, system setup, security hardening, and software configuration, in addition to forward management of your service including operating system updates and security patches.





Proactive hardware health checkups.

Managed servers are not only monitored for uptime and service response, but are also continuously monitored and checked for signs of hardware deterioration. Fully managed service helps to ensure complete continuity throughout the lifetime of your service.



Advanced monitoring and automatic response.

Take a break while we look after the uptime and stability of your managed server. Fully managed services affords monitoring and automatic response to status updates for a virtually unlimited number of IPs, ports, or services, including reactive response to downed services and kernel crashes. Let us know how your service works at its best. We will do our best to protect that state!


Linux Servers 

Windows Servers
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