Service Guarantees

99.99% Service Availability.

RedArray’s 99.99% Service Level Agreement (SLA )defines a performance threshold that hosted services will meet at all times. Should continuous uptime or network availability fall below this threshold, the SLA allows for compensation in proportion to the amount of downtime. This agreement is meant to clearly define the expectation that hosted services will be continuously available.

Total Respect for Privacy.

Above and beyond the integrity of hardware, we commit to safeguarding customer privacy, personal information, and hosted data. RedArray enforces strict policies with support and NOC teams to ensure that customer rights are maintained, so that servers and hardware will never be accessed without prior permission. The Privacy Policy outlines data collected via our website and ArrayCP.

Prompt and Courteous Issue Resolution.

Rely on prompt and courteous service for all support requests. RedArray’s 24/7 helpdesk can accommodate requests ranging from general inquiries and billing adjustments, to advanced issue resolution and emergency hardware replacement.

Linux Servers 

Windows Servers
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