Press Release: Adding DuPont Fabros Data Center to Operating Locations

September 21th, 2015 (Los Angeles, California) – Server hosting provider RedArray ( today announced an addition another data center, DuPont Fabros Technology (DFT) in New Jersey (USA), to the list of locations based on what its hosting services are being provided to customers.

DuPont Pabros statement about the facility: “DFT is a leading owner, developer, operator and manager of wholesale data centers. Our highly advanced and secure facilities power, cool, and protect the computer servers of numerous enterprise and technology companies. In conjunction with our operational expertise, we deliver uninterrupted service and ultimate reliability to our customers’ mission critical business applications.”


This is a unique facility that besides other enormous modern features qualifies it as a “green technology” vendor has solar energy plant with 2,000.00 sq feet solar panels installed on top of its building roof (see photo) producing electricity whole year around. Network quality and power redundancy are among the best in New York Metro area which makes this facility another premium data center that RedArray has proudly selected to utilize for its operations.

RedArray will support immediate deployment of new Hosting Service orders at this location. Orders to provision Dedicated Servers at DPT data center in NJ might be placed by visiting the following link:

About RedArray

As an infrastructure hosting provider, RedArray’s highest calling is to innovate and become recognized in the field of dedicated hardware and data center management. RedArray’s worldwide presence affords small and medium-sized businesses streamlined, high-performance hosting for services, applications, and private networks. RedArray is an imprint of EZ Ping Networks Inc, a private IT firm based in the United States.

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