What is dedicated server hosting?

What is a Dedicated Server?

We’re glad you asked! Dedicated servers are the most powerful, and often the reliable, solutions available to websites, databases, and other applications requiring hosting.

The definition of a server is simple: imagine a desktop computer, without monitor, keyboard, or mouse (only a network connection and power). A server is a computer exactly like that, usually hosted in a specialized facility that guarantees availability of advanced power and network resources.

Dedicated servers are physical machines, each dedicated to one individual customer. Unlike web hosting, or VPS hosting, dedicated server users enjoy total and unrestricted access to every aspect of a dedicated server, including Operating System configuration, hardware configuration, and even advanced BIOS settings.

Benefits of Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers provide some important advantages over other forms of hosting:

+ Predictable reliability. Without other customers using the same server, you can be assured that there is very little chance of unexpected activity affecting your server.

+ Absolute security. Control of every aspect of the server’s Operating System means you can be sure that there is no aspect left unsecured. Configure to your exact needs.

+ Increased resource allocations. Because dedicated servers are used by single users, there is no competition for system resources. Physical memory, storage, and processing power are dedicated to your application alone.


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